• Duramax DSP5 SOTF Switch Installation Instructions

The DSP5 switch includes two wires with pre-crimped pins. The wire colors are interchangeable; however, ensure that they are inserted into the specified pins according to your vehicle’s model:

-2001-2004 LB7: Blue ECM Connector, Pin #49 & Pin #69

-2004.5-2005 LLY: ECM connector labeled J3, Pin #32 & Pin #50

-2006-2010 LBZ/LMM: ECM connector #1 (The bigger of the two), Pin #46 & Pin #54

-2011-2016 LML: Gray ECM connector J3, Pin #11 & Pin #35

Once you’ve inserted the pins into the designated connector slots, reconnect the connector and turn the ignition to the ON position. Press the small white test button located on the back of the switch. If one LED illuminates, it indicates that the pins are likely in the correct location. If none of the LEDs light up, double-check your wiring.

The DSP5 switch is equipped with one nut and two washers. Ensure that the smooth washer stays at the bottom with the tab positioned in hole #5. If the washer comes loose, rotate the switch fully to the left (counterclockwise) and reinsert the washer with the pin into hole #5. Verify that the switch moves precisely four positions to the right (clockwise). If not, adjust the nut and reposition the pin as necessary.

Please note: 

  • Do not cut a pin off a wire and ground it
  • Before installing the knob onto the switch, ensure to loosen the set screw. 
  • Note: Square or rectangular pins have a specific orientation and only fit in one direction. Do not force them. If the pin isn’t going in, it’s probably not oriented correctly.
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