Ford Powerstroke 6.7L – Commander ECM Unlock Tool (2020-2022)



The Commander is ultimately the best way to go when it comes to downtime.

For the Powerstroke, this tool will directly plug into your ECM and allow us to remotely tune your truck without you having to ship your ECM to us. It also comes with an OBD connector which allows us to tune your TCM as well.  *You need the additional harness if using it on an L5P Duramax

**NOTE**  The 2022 Ford PCM can only take a single tune file, in order to get the 5-tune SOTF package on your 2022 Ford, you will need to acquire a 2021 PCM and use this tool to program the 21 PCM.

**New credit system use**

2020-2022 Powerstroke requires 8 Credits (Included)

My Commander Unlock Tool
2020-2022 Ford Harness
8 Credits

Customer Reviews

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Michael Brooks Carter

The Ford powerstroke 6.7L commander is an absolute game-changer! As a truck enthusiast, I was amazed at the instant improvement in performance after using this tool. The easy-to-follow instructions and seamless unlocking process make it a must-have for anyone looking to unleash the full potential of their Powerstroke engine. Highly impressed and satisfied with the remarkable results. Michael Brooks Carter approves!

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