HP Tuners | DPF Delete Tuning Unlock ECM | GM Duramax Diesel L5P



Includes the following elements:

1. HP Tuners MPVI3 OBD2 Interface

2. CAN communication harness (17-19 or 20-21)

Used when disconnecting exhaust sensors
Provides communication with fuel level in the fuel tank
Restores communication between ECM and fuel tank components
White plug for DEF tank

3. black plugs: NOX sensor in CAT, NOX sensor after DEF and after muffler.
4. SOTF tuning (switching on the fly) with 5 power levels
Change power levels on the fly with the steering wheel

5. HP Tuners credits (8).

A complete tuning package that includes everything you need to disable the entire exhaust system. Install this system with a DPF removal pipe and you’re all set.

Possible Enhancements

If you want to keep original ECM you also can purchase the Unlocked ECM from HP Tuners
Get a new ECM from HP Tuners and keep your original one. Ideal for enthusiasts who want to get their car up and running as quickly as possible. NOTE: A core is not required. HP Tuners’ L5P ECM gives you the ability to tune your 2017+ Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax. Take advantage of any of the three calibration, registration, and scan options available through your vehicle’s OBDII port. With any choice, you get the E41 ECM compatible with the MPVI3 and VCM Suite.

Additional information

HP Tuners MPVI3 OBD2 Iterface

HP Tuners MPVI3 OBD2 Iterface


+ 8 Tuning Credits, None


+ CAN Plugs Kit, None


+SOTF, None

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