Iron Loader Delete Tuning 2014-2017 Ram Ecodiesel 3.0L




We are pleased to offer Black Bandit’s Iron Loader remote tuner for 2014-2017 RAM 1500 Ecodiesel, which does not require removing the PCM and mailing it in.

Tuner options:
Economical: All OEM emissions system components removed. Desired power level
StockPlus: All stock emissions system components are installed on the car and not removed. The engine is calibrated for approximately 35 hp. Stock reliability is retained, fuel economy is improved by ~5-10%, experience may vary.
EcoPower: Removed all standard emissions system components. Engine calibration is +35hp and aims for economical mileage gains, stock reliability retained.
Race: Removed all standard exhaust components. Calibrated the engine to +50 hp and aimed at racing use of the car while maintaining safety restrictions to improve reliability.
Towing: Removed all standard system components. Calibrated the +50hp engine with an eye toward increasing towing capabilities while maximizing the vehicle’s towing capacity.
Max: Removed all standard exhaust components. Engine calibration at +75 hp to maximize power on the stock engine and turbo system.
Custom: Completely customized engine calibration to meet the customer’s immediate needs. Typically used with a turbocharger or custom engine. This is a very complex process that will require some effort.

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Tune Option

Economy, StockPlus (emissions on), EcoPower, Race, Tow, Max, Custom