The bench flash is often regarded as the simpler option, involving the removal and reinstallation of the ECM. While it demands physical mechanical skills, it doesn’t necessitate extensive technical knowledge.

On the other hand, the flash tuner doesn’t require physical work under the hood but relies on technical computer skills. You won’t need to handle any mechanical tasks, but you’ll require a laptop, proficiency in software, and meticulous attention to detail to avoid any potential issues.

Bench Flash

With the bench-flash method, you’ll need to remove the engine computer (ECM/PCM) from your vehicle and send it to our warehouse. Upon receipt, we’ll flash it to accommodate the modifications and return it to you via express shipping. Once you receive the ECM back, simply reinstall it. This entire process typically spans 4-11 days, including 2-5 days for shipping to us, 1-3 days for tuning, and 1-3 days for return shipping to you.

Flash Tuner

If you opt for the flash tuner option, we’ll send you a flashing unit. You’ll need to download the required software onto a laptop and connect the device between your laptop and the vehicle’s OBD port. Next, you’ll extract a copy of the factory calibration and email it to us for modification. We’ll then send the modified calibration back to you via email. Finally, you’ll need to load the modified file onto the vehicle. 

While we cannot provide phone support for these steps, we do include detailed instructions that are easy to follow for customers who typically make these purchases. If you’re not entirely comfortable with either of these options, we recommend having a trained technician handle the work for you.

Note: If you’re uncertain about your technical skills, we recommend opting for the bench-flash option, as it requires minimal technical input from your end.