–RaceMe Custom Tunes for all 2019-2022 Trucks–

—Not Available for 2019-22 BUX Trucks—

Package 2:

For all 2019-2022 Trucks we offer:

  • Delete File what is customized for your truck
  • 5 position switch tuning supported.
  • Shift on the fly
  • Custom 5 level tuning package included.
  • With 5 stages: +30HP, +60HP, +120HP, +150HP, +200HP

Please note:
All custom tuning files are created exclusively by our in-house custom tuner.
The package you select will be customized for your truck.
Customer support is our number one priority.



How to get the file:

Go into Main Menu, ECM, “get stock file of truck”

A file name STOCK.RMN will be saved on SD card of tuner.

If you have a MM3 tuner the file is named: STOCK.MM3

Send the file with a note of your Order # to: